Troy S

I have always been very active in sports, and with sports comes bumps, bruises, and the occasional dislocation, or separation (subluxation). Last year while playing hockey I dislocated my rib, which caused a lot of pain, not just in breathing, but everyday life. I thought it would just heal and I would not need to see a Doctor. Finally after 4 weeks of playing hockey and softball with it, I thought I should have it looked at. I went to Pathways Chiropractic in Hudson, Wisconsin, and say Dr. Dabruzzi. Right away, when I walked into the first chiropractor I had ever been to, they made me feel right at home, and dismissed all the pre-conceived notions I have had of chiropractors. Dr. Dabruzzi was very nice, informative, and took great care in making me feel better. She focused on my problem, and was not looking at her watch wondering when the next patient would be there. She helped me with a series of adjustments, and had me rest for a few weeks, and now my ribs are doing great. Thank you to the Wonderful people at Pathways, and especially Dr. Dabruzzi.