Health Supplements

We carry health supplements at our office.

Please follow these Directions to order supplements online:

email or call the office for number 715.386.2424 to obtain our account number before you proceed.

Once you have obtained the account number —
1. Go to
2. Register by filling out simple registration form.
3. When asked for account type, choose “Patient”.
4. Create your own username and password.


*Please note that you must be a patient at Pathways Family Chiropractic in order to utilize this service.
If you are new to our website or office – please contact our office to set up a nutrition consultation before ordering nutritional supplements online. Thank you.


Get 10% discount by ordering online.


  1. Go to
  2. Click on patient direct and register as a “patient”.
  3. Enter code 9TRWEK.
  4. Patients need to verify their email before their request to order will be sent.
  5. Doctors will verify your request before you can order.

*Must state that orders are for patients only.


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