Mary K

I was taking inventory of my body as I drove to my appointment at Pathways Family Chiropractic the other day and realized some good things were happening.

I had gone in for my first appointment there 10 weeks before with limited mobility of my arm, pain in my leg from time to time, a weak knee and tendonitis in my ankle (which swelled)- all on my left side!  I had gone to physical therapy for my ankle for 3 months in the spring but other than loosening the stiffness, not much improved.  Now, noticing all my aches and pains were on my left side, it only stood to reason something was out of alignment, which meant chiropractic.  Pathways was recommended by friends, so I went.  I’ve been coming for adjustments twice a week up until last week, and what a difference!

I have gradually felt better, improved my posture (it just felt better), and always felt better as I left after an adjustment.  But now, as I take my inventory, here’s what I find—no pain in my leg, no weakness in my knee, my ankle still swells from time to time, but not nearly as often or long a duration and I have much more mobility in my arm.  I’ve learned how to stretch my body to loosen up and am learning to walk easier with my slip-ins in my shoes!  Thank you Drs. Danielle and Michele!