Corissa (proud mother of 3!)

My story begins in 2004. My first pregnancey I had horrible pain in my back and down both legs. As a nurse I am required to be on my feet 8-12 hours/day. I had Jager (first son) and became pregnant again when he was 6 months old. The pain started again. The further along I became the worse the pain got. Finally, towards the end of the pregnance, labor was induced due to excruciating pain. My third pregnancy begin in July 2007.  Around the 4th month point, the pain started AGAIN.

Terrified of re-living the pain of my past pregnancies I began to search for help.  I was referred to Pathways Chiropractic by my pregnant cousin. I had always been skeptical about chiropractors, however, at his point I was willing to try anything! My initial appointment consisted of anatomy and physiology education, question and answer, an adjustment, and ongoing education and support throughout the appointment.

I contrinued to be seen throughtout my pregnancy. To my amazement, my pregnancy has been virtually PAIN FREE! I am due any day now. I have enjoyed this pregnancy and been able to focus on the baby and our family and my career.

I feel truly blessed that I was introduced to Dr. Michele and Dr. Danielle.