Individual Testimonials

A. M.

Dr. Danielle has helped me recover from my accident much faster than I could have hoped for. Her personalized attention and professional knowledge made me immediately at ease. I appreciate that she takes time to explain things as she completes the adjustments.

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Really Enjoyed Dr. Danielle’s enthusiasm! So many people seem to just go through the motions. Dr. Danielle clearly loves her work and helping her patients and her cheerful attitude was a great start to my day! Also appreciated the advice and treatment-hoping we’re able to solve these problems!

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Jessica D.

I started seeing Dr. Lynn in the middle of my pregnancy and as the pregnancy progressed the more pain I was in, due to a prior c-section and it being my 5th child. Dr. Lynn has been amazing at addressing my needs, listening and giving me advice on how to manage the pain which has been a lifesaver. I do not know if my needs would have been met anywhere else.

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Alicia S.

I began seeing Danielle after I was in a terrible car accident 7/29/13. I was having severe back and neck pain and was unable to participate in my daily life. Dr. Danielle and Dr. Michele gave me my life back. They treated my physical, mental and emotional pain and suffering. I was able to return to work quickly and have continued to thrive under their expert hands. Since the accident, I have maintained my health and wellness at Pathways Family Chiropractic and would recommend them to anyone! Thanks Dr. Danielle and Dr. Michele.

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Angelique H.

I have been coming to Pathways for about a year and a half. I drive 40 miles to get here because I believe so strongly in the doctors there. I am avidly training MMA, where I’m constantly getting pushed, pulled, stuck in and from every direction. Leading such an avid lifestyle has required much care. These ladies have kept me feeling good, strong, and ready for every new day! Thank you Pathways.

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Kathy K.

I have gone to several Chiropractors for my bad migraine headaches. When I started going to Pathways, I finally found relief. I’ve had both girls work on me and they are both great, I’ve probably had Danielle more often, that’s just the way it worked out, but I call these girls my miracle workers. I walk in there with an awful headache and walk out headache free. They just know what to do and what pressure points they need to work on. I hope they never move away, I would be lost. Thanks Girls.

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