Bonny C

 “Let’s schedule you for surgery” …that is the last thing my orthopedic surgeon said to me. I have been diagnosed with several spots of arthritis, me knees being the worse. After two cortisone shots in the knee I was still not feeling any comfort.

I was in pain all the time! I decided to seek other healing methods. I started to ask question, and I was told to try a Chiropractor. Well, I had never been to a Chiropractor, so I was not even sure if this was something I wanted to try, I mean really, I was in enough pain; I did not need a doctor pulling and twisting on my knee. This is what I thought of Chiropractors! Boy was I wrong!

I opened the newspaper that week and there was an article about a new Dr of Chiropractic office opening in Hudson. I read the article and I knew immediately that this was not a coincidence; I had to try Chiropractic care. I made my first appointment, had my x-rays, told Dr Nemerow my circumstances and we went to work.

I do my exercises and I made sure I went to all my appointments. That was in Octoberof 2006. My surgery was scheduled for November of 2006. My knees have hurt me for many years, I was sure I would need surgery, but I was willing to try anything. In that short amount of time, with Dr Nemerow I started to feel some relief, so I CANCELLED MY SURGERY,

I have kept up with my appointments and exercises (kind of).

I can now tell you that I have little or no pain in my knees or any other spots of my body inflicted with arthritis. I continue to see Dr Nemerow and I continue to feel great every day!

Thanks you for my pain free life!